Following we demonstrate and explain the usage of the JSON-REST HTTP interface (API) for an Aidos Node.

Through the API it is possible to request certain information or to execute certain commands on your local or a remote node (depending on which commands are enabled for remote access).
Once your node is successfully setup, you can interface with it through port 14266 by passing along a JSON object which contains a specified command; and upon successful execution of the command, returns your requested information.

The main priority of the API as well as ARI itself is security. As such, anything that has to do with private keys is done client side. Examples how this can be done can be found in the Aidos Wallet which contains a Javascript library. Also feel free to implement this functionality by yourself.

For your convenience, we have added concrete examples on how to use the API in Curl, Python and nodeJS. If you are using Javascript, you can simply follow along by using either XMLHttpRequest or jQuery. For NodeJS you have to install the request npm package.

The Aidos API is running on port 14266 by default (Testnet: port 15555).